Mercedy’s Profile


Gender: Female

Nationality: British

My Accent: Northern East Accent

Background: Quarter Jamaican (Mixed Race)

Build: Petite/athletic

D.O.B: 06/09/1991

Age: 27

Playing age: 18 – 28

Accents:  Scouse

Eye Colour: Hazel

Hair Colour: Brown/Ash, Blonde highlights

Hair length: Long –  Naturally Curly, Can be Straightened also

Tattoos: 1 – On my Lower Back

Piercing: Ear/ Belly Button

Driving Licence: No, (But like one)

Voice : SOUL/RnB & POP

Height: 4 foot 11 inch/146 cm

Shoe size: 2/3

Weght: 6 ½ Stone

Dress size: 6/8

Bust: 32″

Back under bust: 35”

Waist: 23”

Hips: 25”

Thigh: 17”

Inner leg: 21 ½”

Outer leg: 28”

 Abilities & Qualities

Mercedy is an ambitious, hard worker, motivated, energetic, open minded and creative

individual, who likes to take on mentally and physically challenging roles and think outside the box. She is friendly, bubbly, always smiling & Laughing (in a sensible way). very professional, reliable, the type to never let you down & trustworthy, she has a strong personality and always bounces back. Known for pushing herself out there and is willing to take on any new opportunity that comes her way.

She is Good with lines and memorizes them soon as she gets a script so she can feel more confident in her self and in her role, values pride and appearance in her work, careful planning is also a priority to her and likes things to be really organised. she has shown she is a very independent person but can also happily work with others, she has a strong sense of teamwork and can handle her workload well. It is quite easy for her to adapt to new changing situations or environments and can often work happily unsupervised and communicates well with others when needed. Mercedy has a lot of dedication and care for the work she does and is very committed not to let herself or others down and has been known to be a pocket rocket. 

She is very fond of the horror genre and likes being in roles that personify mentality and instability, finds these roles in particular the most challenging yet also the most rewarding and inspiring ones to get involved with. One of her other favorite roles is Gangster and True Story films and is trying to acquire more experience in Comedy and Action/Romance movies. Whatever character Mercedy has to play, she studies that character extensively and constantly works to make sure she feels like she has literally become that character and lives in their world. 

If you are interested in what you have read about Mercedy and believe she can bring something to your projects please visit her ‘Contact Page’ to book her or through her Manager – Phillip.B – By finding his page (Delphi-Media)

Performance Information

Willing To Do:

Film – Television – Theatre – Radio – Charity Events – Music videos/Tracks – Photo-shoots – Magazines – Catalogues – Entertainment – Promotional – Directing – Body ART etc..


Yes (only if required for character)


Yes (BUT out of date)

Performing Skills:

Acting – Singing – Modelling – Dancing – Entertainment

Sport Skills:

Swimming – Gym – Dance fitness – Boxercise – Boxing

Other skills:

Writing Stories for films – Writing own Lyrics – Directing – Art – Photography/Editing – Hairdressers Experience (Make up/Hair/Nails) – Youth work/Working with young people – Teaching at youth work – Viking/Swords – Good adviser – Producing – Making Websites look creative – Running events – Helping on set (Sound, Editing, Filming) – Choir

Hobbies & Interests

Reading True Stories – Singing – Modelling – Dancing – Working Out/keeping Healthy – Writing – Lyrics/Films – Directing – Youth work (voluntary Working with young people and children) – Performing/Acting – Viking Projects – Choir  

Making Websites look cool – Photography/Editing – Watching plays/Fims – Body Painting & Make-up.

Skill information


Interested in: Horror – Dramatic – Comedy (Depends What) – Action – True stories – Gangster – Romance – Dramas – Musicals.

Available for: Films – Television – Theatre Shows – Music Videos – Street shows – Radio – Voice overs – Classes – Photo shoots – Adverts –


Interested in: Tracks/Gigs – Live Singing – Musicals – Opera – Soul –  RnB – Soft Rock – Clubland

Available for: Tracks/Gigs – Music Videos – Charity Events – Films – Theatre – Radio – Television – Live Singing – Classes – Adverts


Interested in: Characters – Fetish – Horror – Ghost – Expressions – Glamour (Beauty) – NO NUDE – (Unless with right assisstant) – Magazines – Catalogues – Promotions – Advertising Products

Available for: Out-door – Studios – Films – Television – Locations – Magazines – Catalogues – Charity Event –Theme Events – Adverts


Interested in: Street-Dance – Hip-Hop – Break-Dance – Musicals – Contemporary – Salsa – Ballroom – Cheer-leading – Body Popping/Locking – Club-Dancing.

Available for: Films – Music Videos – Television – Dance Teams – Charity Events – Theatre – Dance Competitions – Gigs – Classes – Photo shoots – Adverts



Interested in: Films – Music Videos

Available for: Films – Music Videos

Body Painting/Face Painting/Art

Interested in: Films – Music Videos – Events – Theatre 

Available for: Films – Music Videos – Events


Interested in: Films – Music Videos – Events – Theatre – Promotions – Models

Available for: Model’s – Films – Music Videos – Events – Theatre – Singers/Bands/Actors – Promotions