Mercedy is based in Manchester, England, age 28. She has been performing most of her childhood and always been passionate for Performing Arts. After finishing school, she decided to take Art to the next step, wanting to become an Architect or Stage Designer and successfully gained a place at Hop-wood Hall College to study Art & Design (Photography) Level 3. In her last year, Mercedy wanted to go Manchester University to study Architecture or Stage Design, but noticed these subjects required Math’s and she hate’s Math’s, so she then took a change of direction.

As the time passed Mercedy eventually decided to go for studying, Media Make-up because she was always fascinated with the SFX in Movies and a huge fan of Horror Film’s. The other passion Mercedy had after her friend advised her to choose a back-up option, is to become a Recording Artist or Actress. After applying for Media Make-Up and Acting. Mercedy delightfully gained a place in Performing Arts, (Musical Theatre) level 3, at The Oldham College, before she heard back from Media Make-Up Department. This gave her a different mind set of what she wanted to do. Mercedy accepted the place for Musical Theatre, which become one of her most loved courses. Soon as she finished the final year, she wanted to change her direction to TV/Film and wanted to go the next level and learn Acting in front of a Camera. She was always fascinated and inspired by movies and wanted to be an Actress for TV\Films, who know’s she may visit Musical Theatre again in the future. Mercedy decided not to attend University to study Acting, instead she wanted to be Freelance and searched for an Agent, she felt University wouldn’t give her the experience she needed for TV/Film.

Mercedy was happily accepted onto an Agency after a successful Audition, she was linked with ”Pink Productions Agent: Trevor Williams and left a year later after training and learning Screening and Camera Awareness Techniques. She also became involved with their short films after a successful Casting Audition for a role in a Short Film called  ‘Departure” and not long after was then involved in her second Short Film landing a role in ‘Dark Castle’ and spent a week in a castle in Scotland. Mercedy spent a year training at classes such as: DNA Resources Acting School also other Drama Classes and taking part in ‘Filmonik’, Learning more about the other-side of the camera, which then lead her onto making her own films, Writing films/Scripts, Directing, Casting and Producing, she was also learning how editing is done and filming. Getting on the other side of the camera give her great understanding as a Actress, in how things are done in Movies. While landing a few Feature Film role’s such as: Lead Me To The Dark, Screwed Over, Under My Skin etc.. She is now a professional trained Actress, ready for that break into TV/Film. She is working intensively, hard to achieve her goal of becoming a successful Actress and is very excited and passionate about meeting the challenges that will come her way. Months from this, after a few bad experiences, Mercedy took time out of Acting but NOW came back more stronger. The last 18 months she has appeared in Some amazing Feature’s such as: Eleven – World War 1 Film, Book Of Shadows – Vikings & witches and an Epic Fan Film Spider Man 2 – Another world (FIRST HOUR) and many more soon, Which help put her back on the scene again with a good start. also since moving from different Agent’s in the past, she eventually found her Agent ”Kay Purcell’ and attends her classes to help keep on top of her game as an Actress and Mercedy is looking forward to what the future holds with this Agency.

Three years ago before she got on board with Kay Purcell’s Management, she was approached by a Management Company called ”Delphi-Media” in 2016, who made a massive difference in her Career, after a long period of struggle in the past and being let down badly, by the wrong Industry people. Mercedy decided that it’s maybe time to quit the Industry and take a new direction. However, Delpi-Media persuaded her not to and she was called for a Auditon in Nottingham and to at least give them a chance. The Auditon was successful and within a 3 day period, of being in Nottingham, she found herself working with top line Industry Professionals and also did two Radio Interviews and a Studio Photo-Shoot. Mercedy described this period of time a whirlwind and suddenly her Career is back on track. Over the 3 years Delphi-Media has built a strong and dedicated team around her to help her progress and prepare her for the future. Her Manager was always impressed by all the hard work that she had put into helping herself progress in the Industry, prior to being signed by Delpi-Media in 3 year’s she has gone from almost quitting the Industry to seeing her Debut Single being put up for major release.

As a Child growing up, her father suddenly realized that his daughter had a great singing voice that was years ahead of her actual age, after she sang a Celine Dion song to him which is one of her Icons. He used to smuggle her into Karaoke bar’s, where she would sing and people would throw money to her, to keep her Singing. People within her community, knew her as a small girl with a big voice. When she studied in Musical Theatre her love for Music and Singing strengthened, But she felt she wasn’t good enough to take it on as a career path, down to bad experiences during this period. Three years ago Mercedy was overwhelmed to hear, by her Manager that she had a unique tone in her voice, suddenly her dream of becoming a Recording Artist was becoming a reality and now is writing her own Lyrics with support of Danny Wheelhouse.

One of Mercedy’s hobbies she had, that has been a massive interest to her since childhood is doing a variety of different dance styles and performing in Street Dance competitions . She has won various medals and trophies in these competitions and hopes her dancing skills can be used in the Film\TV or Music Video’s.

In between her building up as a Actress and Singer she started Modelling, Mercedy was booked for a one of Shoot and liked it. So she took shoot’s on more regular, She is a very creative thinker and likes to input her own ideas from acting into modelling to create diversity and try something new. She’s become a experienced Model over the years, What really help her grow more as a Model was Photography she got to understand behind the camera and get to understand whats it is like to shoot.

Youth Work is also now a large part of Mercedy’s life and has recently passed her Level 2 to become a qualified youth worker. She gains experience as a youth worker by doing work based placements and enjoys working with young people, she hopes to inspire more young people and to pass her skills onto them. By by passing on her skills in acting, singing, dancing and art skills she wants them to achieve something great in their lives and give them a sense of purpose. Mercedy finds it rewarding working with people with severe mental and physical disabilities she finds it satisfying to bring hope to them.

Since parting from Youth Work 5 years ago, Mercedy now helps to spread awareness and raise funds for ”Strong-bones”. The Charity has become close to her Heart and become very attached to children that are part of the Charity. She has also expressed her interest to work with the ”British Heart Foundation” in the future, down to the fact she has an Heart Condition herself and she would like to help make a difference to the lives of people that are also suffering from Heart Conditions and Conditions in general.

She is about to embark on a very exciting journey with everything on the verge of exploding. Thank-you to all those of you who follow her journey, support her and believe in her. This has helped boost her confidence and believe in herself and has helped repair herself for a great future ahead.